Shopping Season – Ft.Sakshi Bagga, Bareen Aowte and Aishwarya Iyenga

If you’re a clothes horse – or even if you’re not – It’s that time of the year again.

If you’ve been holding out on buying international brands or Quality accessories , this season could be your chance to score some solid deals.

Don’t hold yourself from trying out new stuff…Don’t hide from excuses and if you are in search of reason to a shop Here i bring you, 3 Outstanding Fashion Bloggers who can help you with sorting out the confusion.. We have sort everything for you for every Occasion be it Christmas, New year or this Wedding Season.


Sakshi Bagga

She is  a fashion junkie with a very temperamental taste. For her, fashion is equal parts keeping up with trends and experimenting with comfort zone. She believe in a lot of mix and match and Her sense of style is more of casual street style. Her suggestion will make you just go Wowww.


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#Women’s Body Top

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Classy people never settle for less. Link to this watch.


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#Top from “forever21”

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#Relaxed Fit Pants

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#Trench Coat

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#Silver Hoop Earrings

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Bareen Aowte

She has a never ending relationship with Fashion and Makeup. She loves playing with trends, colours and patterns.

Here she present you her suggestion for Weeding Occasions.

#Lengha Choli

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#METRO Fashion Sandals

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#Necklace Set for Women

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Aishwarya Iyenga

She’s a Fashion, Textile and a Graphic designer and here she bring the awesome shopping list for you.

#Floral Printed Shawl

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Last but not the least


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